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New Amsterdam by Moondog and the London Saxophonic, from Sax Pax for a Sax (1994).

New Amsterdam was her name
before she was New York
New Amsterdam is a dame
the heart and soul of big apple city.
No matter what name she goes under
I dig her deeply
and no wonder
for she’s been lovely to me
and I’m the better
for having met her.

  • Soprano Saxophone Tim Redpath, Simon Haram, Bradle Grant
  • Tenor Saxophone Andrew Scott, Gareth Brady, Rob Buckland
  • Baritone Saxophone John Rebeck, Chris Caldwell
  • Bass Saxophone Will Gregory
  • Piano Liam Noble
  • Timpani Graham Cole
  • Bass Drum Louis Thomas Hardin
  • Snare Drum Paul Clarvis, Chris Wells
  • Chorus Peter Hammill, Stuart Gordon, Andrew Davis, Alun Thomas, Will Gregory, Gareth Brady, Louis Thomas Hardin

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